Monday, March 25, 2013

I am hoping!!

That these will be the LAST snow photos this winter!!!
The snow is melting fast, thank GOODNESS!!! SO tired of it. 

Wish my camera would focus on Spur and not the grass. I don't know why this happens, the green focus box in the screen is on him, so why the grass is all that is in focus I don't know! Frustrating, but I guess for a $400 camera it does OK. Moving subjects it really struggles with, damn it.

 I do love these shots, though. The cool color of the sky and clouds, the brightness of the straw and Spur's colors contrasting with the snow.

 Four wheelin'!!!
 Love that tail!
 See? The snow is disappearing fast!
 Managed one shot of Miss Colby. SHE is sure happy to see the snow go away.

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