Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow, snow, SNOW?

Little Roscoe's world is going to get a whole lot smaller soon. At only 12" tall he already has to navigate the paths I make in the yard for him. I try like heck to shovel him an area down to the grass so he can do his business without freezing his paws on ice or snow. That is going to get smaller and smaller, I am afraid.
Yesterday we managed to get to OOB for a LONG beach walk!! On the beach his paws are fine, so we made it almost to the pier and back. We walked with Kathy and George, the border terrier, and my friend Mary and her two black labs. Mary owns the Nestling Duck gift shop on route 9 down there. Lovely huge gift shop you should check out if you never have. She is closed for the winter and Kathy was picking up her unsold baskets. Mary was able to sell more than half of Kathy's baskets!! Cool!! Kathy Maxwell makes the nicest baskets!
On our return to the vehicles over the dunes from the beach both MinPins ended up with cold feet. I picked up Colby and looked back and Mary was carrying Roscoe!!! :O Oh MY! I never heard one word from Roscoe! Mary knows Roscoe well and is unafraid of him, but that doesn't mean he would not bite her. She just know how to gently carry him so he doesn't complain and I think his feet hurt from the cold he was willing to let her carry him. Good little man! Brave little Mary!

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