Thursday, September 25, 2014

Some videos!

Spur has been really rockin' his DW lately. Taking out hits and it just keeps getting better and better. He likes the rubber DW, that is for sure. I also loaded a new app called SuperSlo and I can slow down just parts of the video. Really cool!!

We are working on "come to hand". So, he is NOT to take the tunnel opening staring him in the face, he is to take the far opening. Very hard for him, but what a great exercise!!! These are traps that will get us at trials.

We are also working on independent weaves, meaning he must continue the whole way and I hang back. Fun little exercise!!! Plus a little from our last trial! WE got a gamble! NOT our best game, but we nailed it. OK, so it was easy peasy, but still many dogs didn't get it. They took the layered jump or missed the a-frame. We didn't win any money, that's not the same kind of gamble. Yeah, OK, we "got" it, but ..............huh..............OK, so I have no idea why they call it a gamble. What are we gambling?

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