Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I just can't seem to keep up any more!!!!

Fall has arrived and the weather is spectacular around here!!!! The blue birds have decided my agility ring is the best hunting  grounds. Not sure what they are eating. 

My flowers are fading, but I still have some that are hanging on and look amazing in the fall light. 
I am sad to see the flowers die off, but fall is by far my MOST favorite season!!!!

I have wasted many hours lately studying technology. What a TIME SUCK that is!!!!! I love it, but then again I think about what I could do with that time???? Wash my windows, enter data that is piling up on my desk, bring in wood for the winter, clean up my gardens, watch a movie, read a book. SO much to do!'! Instead I figure out how t to record my voice and send it as a text. Really????? I needed to learn how to do that? I already use the dictation feature, so really, do I need to send my voice recording???? I think not.
But, I do love technology, it just fascinates me, but honestly there are times I want that time back!'!!! 

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