Thursday, April 30, 2015

WOW nearly a month????

OSince my last post????

OK, blame the weather!!! it is finally getting nice. What a winter, but we are now well into spring and while I am STILL waiting for the 50 tulips I planted to bloom the weather is great for agility and dog walks and hikes. Cool and crisp, my most favorite!!!

Been training Moose, Lizzie's one year old sheltie, for his running dog walk. what fun!!!!! I just LOVE this training and he looks like he will be totally easy!! The easiest ever!!! perfect striding for it!!!

Spur has done so much better now that we can practice in the yard and keep him fresh and on the equipment. Our last trial he looked almost back to normal!!! We have only done a couple trial s but both days he looked almost like his old self!!!! YAY!!!!

Beèn watching lots of people getting puppies. I have puppy envy! Trouble is Rotten Roscoe shows NO signs of slowing down any, even at 16!!!! The dog is amazing!!! I REALLY don't want three dogs again, but damn that little MinPin is going to live forever. In know, I should be happy about that, but the bastard is very hard to live with. He causes so much trouble and our friends and family think he's nuts, he bites us. He attacks Spur and visiting dog, he's NUTS!!!! What puppy would want to come here?????

It is hard, though, watching all here lovely litters being born and lots of needy rescues needing a home. HARD!!!!!

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