Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Snow is slowly disappearing!!!

Someone will be sad......

Emory is One of my new midday dog walks but he gets to come over to my yard and play in the safety of our fence because he lives right down the street. It has been good for spur and Roscoe to get used to a big busy dog. Emery is very nice but he's just one year old so still a bit of a puppy.

Spur thinks if he doesn't look at him, well then he really. Isn't there. Spur doesn't like him very much and Emery wants to play with him so badly. But and we have to make do with playing with me what she does quite nicely.

I just had to post this journal here…

I know people save my midday dog walk notes but this is the first time a custom-made journal was set out for me and my notes. It makes me happy.

I sometimes struggle with what to say in my daily notes and often it is all about the weather. But, the weather is really a big part of my day so it ends up being a lot of my comments in my notes. But apparently people still like just about anything I put down so long as their dog is mentioned. I'm always surprised that people think my notes are so fun to read and that some people even save them. I feel like I am redundant with the notes but I guess there is enough interest that people really enjoy them! And then this past winter, well, I felt like all I did was complain and complain and complain about the weather. And I guess that's just normal but sometimes I feel like all I do is complain. Even on a nice sunny day like today I complained because it was too cold. Just wait until June and July and I will be bitching about the heat!! 

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