Thursday, December 11, 2014


Too Much Info????

I don't care, this is MY goes............I hate this age. I am 52 and definitely going through "the change". It may be why I can't find the time to post here like I did and because I feel like a grumpy complainer all the time. Waaaaaaaa..................just waaaaaaaaaaaa....................I end up feeling sorry for myself most of the day because I can't get comfortable...........first I sweat, then I'm cold, then I look at my wrinkles in the mirror, then I sweat again!!!! Argh!!!!!

I can't sleep. I run out of energy quickly. Bitch, bitch, bitch, it is a CRUEL joke! This should be an age when you are settled into yourself, comfortable with your life and choices and friends. No, it is a time when you just want to regroup, rejuvenate and change your curtains! Hahahahaha, yep, I decided to just throw away our old curtains. They were the cheapest we could find at the time that had ANY style to them, but now they are just faded and outdated and OLD. Crazy, but I found a valance that looks fine and was only $10. How about that???? Cheap change!!!

I wish my body's change was so easy and cheap, LOL!!! No, it appears that I am in for a LONG haul. Since, well, this has been going on now for over a year already. It is TIME to stop this crap and get it over with!!! Change already body!!! Just get 'er done!!!! When I discuss this with my doctor or my friends or read up on the internet, well..........everything/one says "more exercise". Hah, like I don't get enough walking dogs all day doing about 10 miles? Nope, I don't. My body adjusts to what it feels is "normal", so my job walking dogs all day is MY body's normal, so I need MORE exercise. Really???? OK, so I was doing the strength class twice/week and could start that up again. Because, damn it, I DO need that class. My legs might be in good shape, but walking dogs does nothing for abs or arms. Sigh...........

I tried Black Cohosh herbal remedy for "women's hormonal balance". Not working, yet!!!! >:/

Then the next article I read said I don't want to "change" too quickly because once my estrogen is gone, well, there goes my plump skin and youthful appearance. GREAT. Like my skin is SO plump and youthful now?????? Bwaaaaaaaaa............OK, so I still have SOME brown hair and there might be a spot of skin that doesn't have sun damage, but that might be the back of my neck that never SEES the sun. Or my ass. My ass is plump and doesn't have sun damage. Sorry, but no one is going to see my plump and "youthful" ass. Hahahahaha, maybe a skin transplant. Take my ass skin and move it to my face. Yeah, that's a GOOD idea!!!!

OK, so now you have TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!! How about I switch gears and go back to dogs. Been teaching Spur a 2o2o. Why? Just to see if I can. I have never taught that to a dog and, well, I won't ask him to do it on the dog walk, but I am curious if I can even teach a fast 2o2o on planks. Here is our latest...........

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