Sunday, July 6, 2014

We had rain!

And that means we do some trick training!!! :D

Roscoe's first try learning to kick a ball. He already knows kick, so we were ahead of the game here......


I taught Spur to hold an object with one arm, so now have decided to try for both arms. He is struggling a bit. I can see he sinks down some, so I think maybe learning to hold the sit up might be something we need first? When he grabs the toy he pulls down on it. 


And then the rain stopped so we did some training. His hard weave entry with a rear........his hardest of all!!!! Then some DW work. He is consistently taking out the third hit on the top plank, but goodness his footwork is funky on the down. Traveling on his front feet at the top! Funny little guy, if he would just run normally I think he could do it in 2, 2, 2, but he works so hard to be right.

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