Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Holy cow, another week gone!!!!

what happens to the time???? OK, I will blame it on the weather. We have had some FABULOUS weather!!!! last week was SPECTACULAR!!! Cool and crisp and sunny! This week we are getting some heat, but it is still nice!!! So, I have been OUTSIDE enjoying the great weather. Lots of nights on the boat enjoying the beautiful Maine coast!!! Casco bay has to be one of the greatest places to boat. So easy to get around some amazing places. 

Took Rotten Roscoe out last weekend. boating has always been his most favorite thing. Oddly, he wasn't so happy........we can't figure it out. I was a little sad. He wasn't miserable, but he wasn't thrilled either. He is a bit finished with the loss of Colby. He thrived on being rotten to her and now he doesn't have anyone to be rotten to. Spur won't put up with it. His metabolism has soared!!! we are now feeding him triple what he was getting. Strange. I suppose I could do some blood work, but he seems fine. He's old!!!!

We are now fully into summer and all the beauty it brings!!!! The wild Daisies have lined our fence line so beautifully!!! Naturally!!!!

New babies are active and adorable next door!!!!

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