Friday, October 23, 2015

Hey!!!!! Did to miss me?????

Ok, sorry, some have written me complaint about my lack of blog posts. Um....remember I have a highly active PUPPY!!!!!! We are busy, busy and and the weather has been fabulous, so we are enjoying life to the fullest!!!!

Bim is now six months and a bit bigger than I had planned. Pretty sure he is now 16 1/2", which is how big his mum is. His dad is 15 1/2, so we had hoped for no bigge than 16. Going over that means he will jump 18" in USDAA which he can do easily, but it means he jumps that in USDAA and 16 in AKC. Would rather a dog have to jump only one height, but oh well. Nothing I can do, we aren't sending hm back!! 😉
He is now 22.5lbs. A big boy!!! And SUPER fun to train. I promise I'll post videos soon. He is now doing low bars, 4" jumps and it feels like he's truly doing agility!!!!! hE LOVES it and barks and screams his way around a course. We may end up called the loud team!!!! lol!!!! It is a bit to get used to, I have never run a loud barker before.

He and Spur are becoming very nice friends. And that makes me very happy.

Rotten Roscoe is showing signs of age that makes me feel the end is coming. More drinking, pooping n the house. I thnk he just forgets, then can't hold it. Had my niece and nephew for dinner last week and he stepped in it and walked all through the kitchen before we realized it. Oh MY!!!!! Amazing no one smelled it??????? I guess my fabulous cooking smells masked it? Oi!!!! Glad it was my niece and nephew and not some others who might have been totally grossed out. We watch our step now.........always. 

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  1. Yay for an update!
    18in is perfect! I was hoping for 18 with Zumi but we're not even close, tall toller girl instead of a short one!

    So sorry that Roscoe isn't doing so well.