Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh dear, sorry Roscoe!

He likes to wander around when we are training and so long as he isn't getting in the way I allow it and toss him cookies sometimes. Oops, this session I thought he had moved out of the way............bonk. He got slammed. He seems fine, but what a BAD mama I am.

I am not doing much with Bim's agility training, mostly tricks, but we started our cik/cap wraps around trees in the woods, so I decided to see how he would do on a wing. Nailed it!!!

Silvia says he has amazing use of his body and great speed for a pup so young. He will be 19 weeks on Monday. He seems SO mature for his age!!!

We put it together this morning. First time doing wraps on a different wing, so he didn't drive as well at first, but I think he'll get this game pretty quick! You are seeing ALL the reps, so we really aren't doing very much.

Such a good little monkey!!!

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