Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brilliant puppy!!

I'll try to post video later, but OMG he already knows so many things!!!! Wave, both arms, spin on a perch both directions on verbals, sit, down, stay, nose touch!!!! Brilliant!! he can't wait to train and is SO good and toy motivated!!!

Took him to he park yesterday and he met many families and saw many different things!', he's pretty unflappable, but not without caution, good boy!!! 

My only complaint is I wish Spur would play with him. He's stuck here with no one but Us Humans to play with. I watch his siblings on Facebook playing with their new housemates and I am envious. Sigh......maybe in time?

Look, his head is the same size as Spurs!!

1 comment:

  1. ARen't puppies fun to train!
    Vito hates puppies and generally is indifferent about dogs overall. But he will do some occasional play with them once they're past the first puppy stage.