Tuesday, June 9, 2015



Yep, getting a puppy!!!!! I searched and searched for a decent breeder in the US who leaves tails and was getting SO frustrated! So, I decided to contact a breeder I hav been watching in England. She then tells me she has been holding a special boy from her current litter and I could have him!!!! WHAT????? This is from a mom I have watched and admired for a while now. I just thought her list was so long they must a
L be taken. Well, this one she really wants to go to a performance home. He's "naughty". Hmmmmm, we like naughty!!!!

His name is Copy.....cuz he's just like his mamma. But, we will find our own name. Hah, easier said then done. He's ├┤nly six weeks so we wait until he is 10 weeks and he flies to Boston.