Sunday, January 4, 2015

Well, the holidays are over

And on we go to 2015!!! I can't say 2014 was the friendliest year. Losing Colby was the biggest bummer, but there were other loses. Yes, there were some gains, too. We bought a condo at Sugarloaf, so that makes my winter fun a little brighter!!! No more staying home and feeling sorry for myself. Huh, except TODAY!!! I am home because Sugarloaf was rented and so I signed up for a trial. Great trial, done early, cheap, my favorite trials. Hmmm.....never made it. Checked the highway live cams, didn't look too bad. Turning to rain fast, roads treated, cars moving along.

Scraped the car, packed up the dogs and headed out. Roads were 45 MPG, but driving was  fine. Well treated with salt and sand and moving along well enough, no problem. Until my windshield iced up and kept getting worse and worse. I had to stop and turn around. I had to scrape the big chunks of ice piling up before managing back on the road to head home and have a MAJOR pity party. DAMN IT!!! I spoke with my friend last night who was at another trial in the same area and she said I should come stay with her for the night. That just seemed silly, the weather said it would be in the 50's later in the day and I shouldn't have too much trouble driving. Well, right now it is still 24. That's too cold and that's why my windshield iced. Waaaaaaaaaaaa...................

So, I'm stuck home AGAIN! And pissed! And bored. Spur and I will work on some tricks, but it isn't the same as a couple runs in agility. We really were looking forward to that today. I don't know when  we will get to do that again, I really do hate winter sometimes. I am not moving to Florida, I hate heat, but I hate this shit. Ice, is just no fun.

Well, so here are some recent training videos. Up until now my yard was totally usable and we were training regularly. Hiking was pretty good, too. Now we have ICE. Ugh......

Spur's 2o2o is coming along nicely. Still not feeling totally confident I can train it or that it is an "easy" thing to train compared to a running contact, but he sure loves training it.

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  1. Ice is worse than snow! I would take to a warmer state in a heartbeat. Spur's looking good!